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SEO Expert in Delhi NCR – Aditya Khanna

SEO Consultant, Aditya Khanna, SEO Expert in DelhiMy name is Aditya Khanna(SEO consultant in Delhi) and I lead the SEO consulting practice at Justgoweb Digital. I have 11 years of SEO experience now. Initial part of my career I was leading SEO departments for some of the leading digital marketing companies in India and in the UK. Now, since 2014 I’m a full time, SEO consultant director. I have worked with small, medium and large business helping them with their SEO strategy and consulting.

I would love to help you on your SEO project.

Drop in Traffic / Conversions?

There is a good chance that you might have hit by a Google penalty.

Google updates and penalties can happen to any website. This can a due to old school SEO or a mistake done by one of your employee/agency in the past. Based on my experience, sooner you react, more are the chances to recover your traffic and rankings.

If you are looking someone who has a proven experience in Google penalty removal, then you are exactly at the right place.

How to trust a Freelance SEO Consultant or Expert?

There is lot of fraud and cheating in SEO industry. I get 4-5 calls every day from businesses where most of them were duped by an SEO freelancer in Delhi, SEO agency or a company based in Delhi. Most people blindly trust any SEO guy on the street even without looking at his credentials like Linkedin profile, Clients, the way they speak and most importantly their SEO knowledge. Also don’t forget to check how users have rated these SEO specialists on Google Reviews.

When to Hire an SEO Specialist?

I get lot of calls every day from small, medium and large businesses to help them with SEO for their business. Some are startups who are planning to start a business and want to engage me at the time of website development and some have already burnt their hands with SEO agencies, companies and SEO freelancers. Most of them don’t get any sort of results and others are stuck on page 2,3 due to Google penalties and more.

There is no bad time to hire an expert SEO consultant in Delhi, but the best would be to engage him early at the time of your website design and development. An experienced SEO Ninja would anytime be an asset for your business.

Questions to Ask from an SEO Consultant

  • Can we talk to your SEO clients?
  • Can you show us Google Analytics access for the clients you work with?
  • Does your website rank on any SEO expert related key phrases?
  • What types of links will you create?
  • How many hours of effort would you put on my website every month?

SEO Consultant vs SEO Agency Services – Which one to Hire?

SEO consulting and SEO agency services are very different from each other. SEO agency services offer SEO packages where you get to pick and choose packages based on number of keywords and they do one for all treatment to all websites. They work more like manufacturing assembly line SEO services which may work of a non-competitive business but not for a competitive business domain. Competitive business requires proper SEO strategy.

On the other hand, SEO consulting services are tailor made (only if you get hold of a good SEO consultant) where your SEO expert will analyze your business, your competitors and come up with a strategy that delivers results. It is a complete bespoke service and made for your business.

How can Search engines optimization Consultant help you?

SEO consultant can help you in many ways:

  • New Website Development
  • Google Penalty Removal Services
  • Stuck on Page 2 or 3 for an important business phrase.
  • Improve Traffic and conversions
  • SEO growth strategy for your business

Can you help us with Search engine optimization of our business?

SEO is something which I do for living. I am a SEO consultant in Delhi and help startups and small businesses based in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and all across the globe with my Expert SEO services. I am willing to help your business. My office is based in Noida but I am happy to connect on call, Skype or Zoom meetings to discuss your SEO project.